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Lassa tyres are manufactured by Bridgestone and produced with the latest technology and research and development studies since 1978. Lassa provides consumers with the quality of Lassa tyre in over 60 countries and through hundreds of distributors. Lassa, in line with the needs of domestic and international markets, provides products which are approved by independent testing institutions, and whose quality has been certified with many awards. Lassa tyre earned the National Quality Award (1993) and European Quality Grand Prize (1996).










Winrun is committed to providing all customers with the highest cost-effective products. With over 4 global manufacturing bases, reaching 120+ countries in the world Winrun offer a huge product portfolio that you can rely on i.e., UHP, PCR, AT etc.














Hilo Tyres are one of the fastest growing tyre manufacturers in the world.

Producing a full line of passenger and winter car tyres: SUV, commercial and small trailer tires. Hilo also have a complete line of radial truck tyres catering to use on all kinds of road and weather conditions.